October 11th, 2013

Another year khaki has resisted not leaving our closets. If last year started hitting the catwalks, this year it is street turn. Although this colour is well known in our colour palette, its name comes from the Persian: خاکی [xɒːˈkiː] (khâk, literally meaning “soil”)

Also named military or camouflage – or jungle green– this trend has been spotted on the streets of the French capital during this last fashion week, specially painting oversized garments.

Paris Fashion Week FW13

Paris Fashion Week FW13

Paris Fashion Week FW13

The favourite shapes of this colour are coats, trenches and jackets if they can be oversized much better. It also comes with black leather complements next to it. It seems that this colour is a good khaki matching. Last year designers showed this trend on the runways, and as usual, it takes a year to be part of the streets. Are you ready for the military parade?

Hannah jacket by Lady Marshmallow

Mara tank top by Lady Marshmallow

Alma jumpsuit by Lady Marshmallow

September 26th, 2013

Helena Bordon

Today we woke up in a coolhunting feeling, so we decided to go straight to our computer to see the latest streetstyle pictures. The current Milano Fashion week is a good referent to pick some of the trends from the fashionistas and celebrities for the next season.

In most of them we found a colour that we are really true-blue: the dazzling blue. This colour is going to hit this new season. It was coming in pastel colours last season, even in blue-green, also called turquoise or mint.

We don’t know if because blue brings us calm –we really need it nowadays- or because it reminds us the colours in the nature, what is true is this colour will be in all the stores painting any type of items soon.

You can wear this colour on you in the shape of accessories, small touches on your outfit or even if you dare it, get the total look!

Stefania d'Alessandro

Kidada Jones and Quincy Jones at Missoni

Scent of obsession (blogger)

Miroslava Duma

Laura dress by Lady Marshmallow

September 19th, 2013

You can pick most of the Fashion trends from the catwalks but… Be careful with some of them! They can be dangerous if they are reproduced in the streets. A couple of years ago, we started seeing on the runways models’ faces covered with colour, specially around their eyes.

And I am not referring to their hair, I am referring to the second hairy thing on their faces: eyebrows. If some years ago we were talking about pastel colours on the hair, now it’s time to scroll down to the eyebrows. What will be the next thing?

I could understand the dyed eyebrows to match coloured hair , but the thing I don’t really understand is the fact of dying just the eyebrows. This could be because I am really not used to, but we said the same about other trends and we added them to our daily lives, so better if we keep our mouth shut.

Having seen the picture below I am starting to understand why this trend started becoming popular this year. The British supermodel and IT girl instagramed a photo of herself with blue eyebrows. She opened the way…

August 13th, 2013

Call it kimono, shawldigan, even cardigan… The thing is that this oversized vaporous oriental piece of clothes has become one of the must-haves of this season. First spotted with cutoffs at summer music festivals and from there it conquers the street. Whichever the island or cool holiday place you are, all fashionistas wear this item this summer. You can choose the style which best fits your needs: fringe or not –it depends on how bohemian you are – it also comes in long and short lengths; choose your pattern… Combinations are endless!!

Pick your boots and give it a hippie touch; add on it a belt and use it as a oversized dress matched with high heels; put your Fedora hat on you or if you want to wear comfortable clothes match your shawldigan with a jumpsuit; 100% comfort.

Shawldigan and Jumpsuit by Lady Marshmallow

Lady Marshmallow has betted on this item from the very beginning of our collections. In the shape of an ‘historical gallery’ we want to show you all our shawldigan designs since we started in the fashion world and we received the boho-chic influence to create them.

Shawldigan by Lady Marshmallow SS12

Shawldigan by Lady Marshmallow SS12

Shawldigan by Lady Marshmallow SS12

Shawldigan by Lady Marshmallow SS12

Shawldigan by Lady Marshmallow SS12

Shawldigan by Lady Marshmallow SS12

Shawldigan by Lady Marshmallow SS12

This season we decided to mix it up with one of the more popular blooms: flowers! So, our SS13 shawldigan is plenty of flowers, the femininity power is in the house once again! But if the shawldigan doesn’t convince you enough we have the same pattern for our long dress. Team ‘Kimono’ or Team ‘Dress’?

Paula Echevarría, Spanish actress, wearing Lady Marshmallow Lauren dress and Helena shawldigan

But we are not the only ones who have dared to bet on this item, other well-known fashion brands have showed this item on his SS13 fashion runways: Prada, Etro, Roland Mouret, Lanvin, Emilio Pucci or John Galliano are a sample of that.

No excuses not to wear kimono this summer if you call yourself fashion lover. They also did it.

Barbara Crespo from El blog de Barbara Crespo

Eres from All that she wants blog

Wioletta from Mary-Kate Fashion blog

Paula Echevarría, Spanish actress, on her vacation in Ibiza

June 12th, 2013

It is a fact that music and fashion are walking together from all views: well known singers are icons for popular brands and they take advantage of that.

Big maisons are looking for impact stages and an unbeatable mise en scène: what a best definition for a concert of an international pop diva! The big stage with lights, dancers, FX and performance in every corner will satisfy the public / fans who are enjoying it, here and now.

Maybe we barely remember a concrete catwalk: what was doing Jean Paul Gautier twenty years ago? Who remembers a certain catwalk? When we pronounce these words what comes to mind is not a catwalk,  it’s a corset in triangular brests which was worn by the Blond Ambition in 1990.

Behind each one of these tours, Haute Couture is hidden. You can find it in an Armani cosmic dress for Lady Gaga’s tour –Monster Ball- after losing her loved Alexander McQueen; or even the own singers are who design for their compatriots. That is the case of Beyonce who trusted Victoria Bekham for one of her tours.

Talking about Madonna and her worlwide known concerts, we can’t omit the last tour named MDNA, a journey through the path she walked until nowadays, so the corset must be there. A reedition of them, made by the same Gaultier, was present at the show.

Another music icon who can’t be missed on our fashion list is Rihanna. For her last tour, she has chosen Ricardo Tisci, which means Givenchy. Between diamonds and shines she wraps an espectacular cape of Givenchy Haute Couture about her, which opens the show. Her friendship with the designer since 2009 made the Barbados girl put on Tisci’s hands her tour.

Rita Ora, one of these singers who is climbing steps fastly, has become the fashion hipster icon. So an IT celebrity needs celebrity fashion designers. This time it has been the turn of Emilio Pucci for her Radioactive tour, cape and futuristic dress are the unforgetable items of the tour.

Another brand which is also in most of the top singers tours is D&G. Madonna, Beyonce and many more have been some of the ones who wore Domenico and Stefano designs.

One of our favourites? Without any doubt Les folies tour, Kylie Minogue’s show, a mixture between a greco-kitsch air and the swing in the twenties from the film Ziegfeld Follies (1946), actually the tour was called Les folies because of this film.

Kylie Minogue\’s D&G Fitting for Aphrodite Les Folies