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Still stuck on figuring out how to approach girls?

No problem, I’ve pretty much made this aspect of seduction a science by now… since the initial approach is probably the most important part of the entire interaction.

So it makes sense to master this part thoroughly first.

Still stuck on figuring out how to approach girls

If you suffer from approach anxiety, then you need to learn how to control it before hitting on a girl, otherwise you’ll look like an insecure man, and in no time you’ll be done.

Before I tell you the 3 secrets of approaching girls… I want to give you a good and bad example of a typical approach, this can be used in most situations (day, night, clubs etc).

Approaching Girls the Right Way

  1. See a girl (Soft Opener as explained below or go cold)
  2. Open with a direct or indirect opener based on the situation
  3. She responds positively in the first 10 seconds
  4. Keep the conversation lively, introduce some very light kino, escalate the relationship and develop a strong connection based on mutual trust.
  5. Go for an instant date or get her number

Sounds easy right? Well yes, but it can be difficult when you don’t know how to handle the various steps.

Approaching Girls the Wrong Way

  1. You see a girl…you think of what to say…you wet your pants…but eventually you jump in
  2. You open with pathetic body language and stutter as you talk
  3. You don’t maintain eye contact…she steps back, thinks you’re weird, and makes an excuse to leave (or just ignores you).
  4. Confidence in your abilities gets hit hard once again…you go home and watch porn hating life.

Do you get the picture? Okay, so let me show you the best way to approach girls… a way that keeps her interested long enough for you to attract her.

1. Prepare Something To Say

If you’re not a naturally chatty guy when it comes to approaching girls (and you probably aren’t, if you’ve read this far) then having a few lines that you’ve practiced and memorized is a good thing.

  • Indirect opener - You can approach by asking where something is located such as a bar or a place to visit. An interesting study conducted in the book “Mating Intelligence Unleashed” says that most women prefer an indirect approach over a direct one.

  • Direct opener- A more direct approach is to tell her what you think…for example, “Sorry, I saw you walk by and had to come over and say something because you’re really pretty.”

  • Soft opening- I use this constantly and it works perfectly in clubs/ bars. You basically make eye contact with the girl, do something that makes her smile and then approach her when she gives you a positive reaction.

2. Be Authoritative And Confident

The quickest way to destroy an approach is to act needy, desperate or nervous. Remember that the girl doesn’t know what you’re going to say. So you need to communicate your interest to her with eye contact and body language.

Maintain strong eye contact - Strong eye contact is an excellent way to build attraction. Coupled with a low tone of voice, and a slow gait, it will accelerate attraction, comfort and trust.

Maintain good body language - Keeping your chest out, shoulders back, and maintaining an alpha stance will help you be identified as a leader or an authoritative person, this will make her more susceptible… which means she will stay and listen to you.

3. Be Time Conscious

You’ll accomplish two things by letting her know you’re a busy guy… first, she won’t feel the need to run away because you’re annoying her and second it will cause a spike in attraction that will intrigue her.

Come up with a time limit - The first thing to say is something like “I only have a minute since I have to meet my friends, but I had to tell you…”.

She keeps talking on the “I have to go…” line. - This keeps her conversations going without feeling like she has to end the conversation. And it’s amazing how long you can do that. Simply keep saying every so often “one more thing before I go …”

Approaching Girls Successfully - Conclusion

So that’s it buddy, simple secrets that I use to approach girls both day and night (on the street, in clubs, bars, etc.)

Now go and use them wisely…practice a lot and let me know how it goes !

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