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Some guys find it difficult to interpret women, which is understandable… girls don’t send clear signals of interest and attraction like guys do so you need to work hard to improve your ability to tell if a girl wants you.

7 Subtle Signs to Know If a Girl Wants to See You Again

Both during your first date with a girl and afterwards it is very easy to question your actions. Usually these are the things you will rethink:

  • She seemed somewhat touchy-feely, but did she like me? Or maybe she was just trying to be affable and polite!
  • She said “I’ll see you soon…” but was she snubbing me or was that really what she meant?
  • She got a call during our date and then told me she had to go, that’s clearly a bad sign right?!!!

The first thing you need to do is stay calm.

Okay, so now that you’ve calmed down, let’s review all the most important signs to consider to understand if a girl wants you and also if she wants to see you again, signs that you absolutely must be able to interpret.

7 Subtle Signs to Know If a Girl Wants to See You Again

1. We Might Do This or That

During the conversation, if you’re both talking about things you’ve done or would like to do in life (you’re bonding by finding common interests) she says things like “Yes! We should totally do that” or “Yeah sure, I’d do that with you.”

Take this all in a positive way, she’s thinking about seeing you again and she’s imagining doing the thing you’re talking about with you so it’s going great!

2. When You’re Free Again

Let’s say you’re almost at the end of your meeting and you want to try to secure another one so things don’t fall apart right away (good move!). If she already tells you what day and time she’s free the following week… boom, you can definitely consider that a green light and confirmation that she wants to see you again.

However, if she says things like “I’m not sure yet… I’m pretty busy with work next week” or “I need to let you know, my parents are coming next week…” or any other excuse that prevents her from giving you a specific date, sorry dude… she’s politely dumping you.

3. She Interrupts Awkward Silence

Become friends with awkward silences, my dear! I love awkward silences, they sexually heighten the atmosphere and give you the opportunity to use eye contact to your advantage. However, there are some people who are absolutely embarrassed when silence falls. So here’s a little tip for when you get your next awkward silence…. Keep not saying a word.

If she continues to sit there and not make the slightest effort then forget about her. On the other hand, if she tries to start a conversation then you can take that as a great sign that she likes you. She is definitely making an effort and this is a perfect way to tell if a girl wants you!

4. She Offers To Pay

My rule of thumb is… I pay, always, even if they offer to pay. It’s the most gallant thing to do and if you’re really one of those guys who likes girls to pay for them then shame on you. That said, you can always try to figure out if a girl wants you and what kind of girl she is the moment she offers to pay.

Does she offer to split the bill with you? If yes, then she’s someone to look out for and she definitely likes you. If she doesn’t then tell her to go to hell.

5. She says “Call me” or “Send me a message” at the end of the meeting

At the end of the meeting when you are both ready to leave, does she say anything? If she says something like “I had a really nice time, maybe I’ll see you later” then I’m sorry but she doesn’t want to continue seeing you and is simply getting rid of you.

But if on the other hand she says “I had a really good time, call me”… then you can be sure that she wants to see you again and wants you to do your part as a real man and arrange the next meeting.

6. She wants to continue the meeting

If she’s having a good time and you see positive signs through her female body language then test her. Tell her that you will probably have to leave soon because you need to help a friend and wait for her response. Does she sound contrite? Did she say something like, “Oh, that’s too bad…but don’t worry about it.” If the answer is yes, then she definitely likes you and wants to continue the meeting.

7. She adds you to her Facebook friends

After your meeting you’ll probably send her messages, but there’s one way to go and see if she likes you and if she still needs a little encouragement. And that’s whether or not she adds you as a friend on Facebook. If she searches for you first and adds you then dark she likes you and wants to see you again.

If you add her first and she accepts your request then you need to work on it a bit. Make sure your profile is well taken care of and let Facebook do the dirty work for you. Also be sure to read this article on how to get a girl on Facebook.

Of course, if you add her and she doesn’t respond to your request then she’s not interested in you so forget about her, move on.

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