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How to fascinate women” is a question that many ask themselves, as charm and mystery are two qualities that have always exerted a very strong appeal on the fair sex, especially after getting a first date after meeting online .

How to fascinate women

Although it may be mistakenly thought that charm and beauty are two synonyms, the two adjectives do not really match completely: if beauty, in fact, refers to the** physical qualities** of a person, **charm** refers to the **bewitchment**, as if it were magic, a sort of repercussion of intelligence on manners, smiles, gestures and movements.

So charm is one of the most important components to make a girl fall in love with you.

So let’s try to understand together how to charm women.

1) Be Comfortable And Smiling

A charming person feels comfortable in a woman’s presence and does not seek her validation. He doesn’t worry too much about pleasing her, trying to impress her.

For him, in fact, everything is very natural. When trying to woo a girl, it is important to be relaxed and natural, be yourself, without wearing masks or being inconsistent.

The smile, moreover, is a very strong tool of seduction as it communicates beauty and sensuality, as well as a general feeling of well-being and happiness.

2) Take Care of Your Appearance

Appearance is your first business card, and then goes to influence the idea that a person makes of you. In classical Greek society the expression kalos kai agatos was very common, meaning “beautiful and good”, to indicate that the beauty of the body was a reflection of the purity of one’s soul.

Now, although obviously in our society this idea is rationally outdated, it is true that a beautiful and well-groomed person tends unconsciously to be perceived as more reliable, interesting and even charming.

3) How to Charm Women? Use Self-irony

Try not to take yourself too seriously, you have to know how to joke about yourself even in the presence of girls. Many men think that with women it is necessary to always be all in one piece, to show themselves inflexible, unflappable and alpha.

In reality, a man who knows how to make her laugh likes her much more, because he is able to give her emotions. Knowing how to joke even about their flaws also implies a good level of self-esteem, and this certainly is an extra point in understanding how to charm women.

4) Fascinate People: The Power of Charisma

Having charm means not just being able to appeal to the girl you’re interested in, but knowing how to charm people in general.

Becoming attractive implies being magnetic and charismatic, a man who exudes positivity and therefore brings value to the people around him. If you are dating in Delhi , show her your best and modern behaviour.

Charisma and sociability are tools that can fascinate those around you, because they show that you can handle social pressure well and have a dominant and leading character.

5) Prize Mentality

What distinguishes the truly charming people is their prize mentality, that is, not selling out to girls, not making false papers to get them, because they always keep aware of their value.

This attracts a woman so much, partly because of a psychological mechanism called the scarcity principle.

Most of the men that women are used to interacting with are doormats, begging for their attention and would go out of their way for them, hoping to receive sex or love in return.

So here is where finding a man who knows how to charm women is a rare and valuable commodity for them.

All this gives a lot of value to the interaction and will make you irresistible in the eyes of a woman.

6) Sexualize Interaction

The ability to sexualize the interaction is what makes the difference between a conversation about more and less and one instead much more profitable, which leads a woman to be fascinated and seduced by you.

Physical contact must be carried on from the first moments and above all must be very gradual, so as not to make the girl uncomfortable or even annoy her.

A woman must get used little by little to your touch, and especially the sooner you start the better!

The reasoning is very simple: if you start touching a girl from the beginning, she will think it’s your natural way to interact, so she won’t be surprised if little by little you get more and more familiar with her.

If, on the other hand, you don’t touch her for the first few times you see each other or you are getting to know each other, and then suddenly you change tactics and start caressing her etc, then she will perceive it as very strange and will rationalize the fact that you are trying to seduce her.

Physical contact allows you to naturally get to kissing first and then sex! ????

7) Make Her Curious by Being Mysterious

Charm is always related to a good dose of mystery, to not revealing everything about yourself to keep a woman’s interest high.

How to fascinate women is in fact closely related to make them curious, attract them to him.

For something you reveal about yourself, there is always something else you won’t tell her.

Let’s be clear, man: I’m not telling you to lie, but simply not to tell her all your shit simply because she is not your best friend!

Your life is your life and you are under absolutely no obligation to let her know everything about you.

8) Cultured And Gallant

A man who knows how to charm women is definitely a gallant man. Charm, in fact, does not mean to be rude or too brazen, but to be mannerly, calibrated, elegant, even quite cultured.

Obviously the gallantry must be well dosed, because the risk would then be to end up in friendzone, to be romantic more than necessary.

In particular, kindness can be good with a girl who has already been attracted, then later, in the initial phase you can limit yourself to some nice gestures that maybe not all men put in place.

9) Use Words Well

Words are a very useful tool to succeed in how to charm women. The sound of your voice, especially if it is diaphragmatic and deep, will help you seduce her, but above all you must know how to use the right words, both live and in messages, words that will help you awaken in her positive emotions that can lead her to you.

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10) Cultivate Interesting Hobbies

A man who can dance definitely has more game than one who can’t put two steps together on the dance floor.

An artist, a painter, a singer have a lot of leverage on the emotional component of a woman and therefore know how to charm women.

Start cultivating hobbies that go beyond the simple game of soccer with friends on Saturday afternoon.

Practice activities that can help you improve in the game and know how to do with girls, you will not regret it!

11) To win a girl you have to ignore her: is it really so?

This is a question that many ask us and it is, in my opinion, only a half-truth.

So many guys, in fact, without having sufficiently studied the various seduction techniques, often come to conclusions such as “Girls only go after those who do not shit on them and are assholes to them, so ignoring a girl is the best way to make her fall in love.”

The situation is not really as simple and trivial as it seems.

In fact, everything depends on the degree of attraction you managed to generate in her initially, that is, if you managed to intrigue her and establish a flirting relationship with her.

If the situation should be stalled, that is, that although she is flattered by your attentions, she does not grant you a date, then at this stage it is right to take a step back and make yourself desired.

Fearing to have lost you and feeling the lack of your attentions, in fact, she will start to value you more and look for you, so yes, in these cases, ignoring a girl could pay off.

If, however, she is not the least bit attracted to you, you have never flirted with her and she has never thought of you as a potential partner, then this is not the best way to charm women, rather you will drive them away even more.


Today we have talked about how to charm women, simple seduction techniques to put in place day by day to be able to attract and seduce any woman.

If something is not clear leave a comment in the reserved space, or you can always contact us directly so that we can dissolve all your doubts.

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