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Most men do a crazy thing as soon as they deal with a beautiful woman - they give away all their power and status and become just another strain. We’ve all done the same - we chase her, we change our plans to go along with her schedule, we abandon our interests and friends. Rather than keeping the things that make us attractive, we take everything for granted and focus all our attention on the woman. And this is what most tempts women to abandon us.

This is not the way to do things.

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Since we are the males and the hunters, women should not be bored. Women like to be always like in a challenge. They want to work for a man. They don’t want to think that everything is handed to them on a silver platter. They want a challenge. A woman wants a manly, masculine man and not someone who begs for them. Unfortunately, modern Men are less attractive because they don’t have those manly qualities as much.

These are the rules you need to “manufacture” your own model of an attractive man:

1. Assume a Position

“Can I get your number?” “Are you free on Wednesday?” “What about Tuesday?” “What would you like to do?” By asking these questions the decision-making power is yours. But we’re not there yet. Instead, try other kinds of questions: “I’m hungry, let’s find somewhere to grab a bite to eat?” “We should go out sometime , can I get your number?” “I’m going to see a movie, do you want to come?” see the difference? There is no begging here! Power bribes, you are not really asking - but you are graciously leading her on, giving her an opportunity to join her life with yours.

Have Other Passions

Make sure you have interests. Make sure you have friends. Don’t abandon everyone when you meet an attractive girl. This is all part of the equation that makes you attractive in the first place.

3. Have a Purpose

Be ambitious. Have goals. Be aware of what you are doing in life. People who wander or throw everything away for a woman are not attractive. Decisive people, on the other hand, are attractive. You belong to this group of people.

4. Achieve High Status

I was reading a scientific report the other day that confirmed something I’ve known for a long time: men go for looks, women go for status. It’s primitive: women look for a man who can provide them with a safe environment for their children. This doesn’t mean you have to have special properties but you have to be confident. Middle to high status attracts women so much. Be one of them.

5. Don’t change who you are.

This is really important. You need to be fairly confident in yourself. If you just try to say that you don’t like something about her - her music, her taste in movies, whatever - she will listen to your point of view but it won’t change her whole life. You don’t have to change anything. Half the fun for a woman is trying to change you into the “man of her dreams”. She wants the challenge otherwise she will be bored.

So we have emphasized this to keep your status and more importantly your attractiveness to your target.

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