Why do women like bastards ? @ Chandler | Tuesday, Jun 29, 2021 | 3 minutes read | Update at Tuesday, Jun 29, 2021

You may have guessed, but we are NOT talking about the ** Motörhead album **.

We are referring to cruel men who don’t respect women. Ever.

When we talk about approaching and conquering a woman, we cannot limit the discourse to the simple pleasure or attraction of the latter: unfortunately for the stronger sex, women have more and more often and in a very high percentage clear ideas about who, how and why they should accompany them and from this we can deduce that women tend to like bastards!

that women tend to like bastards

If on the one hand it is true that women are not to be touched even with flowers, that they are all little princesses, that they are the ones who need attention, care and special gifts, on the other hand there is the strong position of “take a woman and treat her badly and she will be forever devoted to you”. Neither of these two lines of thought, however, seem to reflect what is the reality: focused and influenced by these two standards of man, males find it increasingly difficult to understand what the fair sex really wants, and remain of the idea that women like bastards, committing the common mistake of not analyzing and understanding the reason for this strong influence of the bastard on them.

That women like bastards can be inferred from countless examples, but have you ever wondered why? But more importantly, how does it happen that if you behave like a bastard she tends to run away anyway?

The answer to both questions lies in being careful what the woman wants deep down: women like bastards is nothing but a reductive statement of a woman’s thought. By this thought, the woman doesn’t mean that she prefers a guy who treats her badly, doesn’t call her, doesn’t want to go out with her, doesn’t look for her, responds badly to her, doesn’t take care of her, and “suffers” from polygamy; nor does it mean that what she’s looking for in a man is someone to treat badly, who she’s 100% sure of, who agrees to everything she says or does, who never talks back about anything.

What the woman wants is a person who is at the same level as she is, who knows how to assert her opinions, but who is also able to understand when she is wrong; a person who calls her out for her mistakes but who also stands out for the good things she does; a person who puts her at the center of his attention but who at the same time cultivates her personal passions and interests; a person with character, determination and strength but who loves her and knows how to value her in the context of her life.

Ultimately, therefore, a bastard is nothing more than a guy with a lot of strength and self-esteem, who can make his woman participate in his life, while respecting the space and interests of both.

So, once the myth that women like bastards has been debunked and the phrase has been analyzed in more detail and in depth, it will not be difficult for you guys to understand how to behave with the woman you like the most and that you want nothing more than to have her by your side. Narcissism, impulsiveness and machismo are not the essential components of being a bastard, but security and self-esteem are!

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